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The right visual language

A website without images is unthinkable, however the files used are often of poor quality and have been selected without a coherent, content-based concept.

At ganzgraph, we see websites as visual communication platforms that can be used to communicate with the target group in a variety of ways.

You don't have to claim that your images are worth a thousand words, but images can and should underpin the content aspects of your website, make it easier to understand and support the processing of information. The use of icons, videos and animations also fall into the category of "visual language".

Many companies do not have a visual language that is aligned with their profile and use media according to personal aesthetic criteria. This often looks unprofessional, stirs up distrust towards the products and services and irritates when reading.

We are happy to help! Together we look at your corporate design and develop a strong visual language for your company that offers added value from the user's perspective.