Wissendurchsuchbar machen...

... wir wissen, wie.

The amount of research data is increasing at an exponential rate. Scientific data management and the possibilities of evaluation do not keep up with this development. Through many years of cooperation with research institutions and projects and their data, we know that a solution for an efficient management of research data is a basic requirement for many projects. Therefore ganzgraph is increasingly developing technical solutions to solve the recurring challenges with modern web technology:

  • Data storage: We unburdon research institutions by providing suitable online data storage for their data even beyond the druration of the project.
  • Data visualization: With the help of online repositories and integrated evaluation pipelines, we evaluate data automatically and present it in a suitable manner.
  • Data provision: In addition to primary use, research data should generally also be made available to other projects (open data). We develop interfaces to data portals or enrich our own data with information from external sources.
  • Searchability: We implement sophisticated search algorithms in order to be able to provide the best results even for complex questions about research data.
  • Data standards: Through our participation in numerous specialist conferences and scientific publications, we are closely linked to the relevant institutions and players - we master the challenges in the field of big data and data management from acquisition to archiving.
  • Public: Through websites, data portals or information material, we support projects in fulfilling their mission to involve the public in research


Research Data Management

Keeping an overview in times of Big Data

Knowledge portals

Creating knowledge - and communicating it in a web-appropriate way.

In research, the objective in many areas is beyond the creation of new data. The collection and digital processing of research data plays an increasingly important role. Researchers are able to gain new insights by combining different data sources and suitable search mechanisms.

A good scientist is not automatically a good web developer. "We still need someone to make the project website - haven't you done something with HTML before?". Not everyone is happy about this additional "challenge". We help with the technical implementation, for example to realize search portals on scientific topics or to make the data from research projects available to other scientists in web applications.

Thanks to our experience in the scientific field, we are able to contribute to ongoing research projects in an excellent way. Numerous projects with museums (e.g. Museum Koenig, Bonn), research institutes (e.g. Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology) and universities (e.g. Humbold Universität Berlin) prove our broad spectrum.