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A safe place for your data

The foundation of a well-run website is hosting, because without the adequate web space (storage capacety on a server) there is no website. ganzgraph operates its own web hosting servers. For you, this means neither detours via third-party providers nor (annoying) waiting queues on the phone, but individual consulting and personal, solution-oriented support.

We have set up three hosting packages for you, which cover the performance requirements in most cases. If that's not enough, we'll work with you to create hosting packages tailored exclusively to your needs.


Exclusive hosting packages

There might be reasons why standard is not enough. Since hosting is the home of your website, it pays to take a close look at your requirements and goals. Whether it's fast loading times, particularly large amounts of storage space, special requirements for memory and computing power, individual security requirements or the need for a high level of fail-safety through redundancy: we design the right hosting for you and agree with you which tasks we can take off your hands in terms of operation and maintenance.


Logo TYPO3 exklusives Hosting

Our standards

No matter which package you choose, for each of our projects applies: All accounts are hosted on servers operated by us, which we have optimally prepared for the requirements of TYPO3. Included in every package is detailed consulting and initial setup support. In order for you to be able to handle tasks yourself in the long term, we provide you with modern administration software to help you with your individual needs. In addition, we will help you set up databases, create e-mail accounts, transfer data from another hosting provider or - in case something has gone wrong - import a backup. And if you do have any questions, feel free to pick up the phone - we'll be there ;-)


Logo TYPO3 Hosting Starter

Hosting package TYPO3

  • 7,5 GB Storage space

  • 10 GB Data volume

  • 10 e-mail accounts

  • 5 databases

  • 1 de-domain for free

  • free SSL certificates (https)

  • Mailboxes up to 2 GB

Logo TYPO3 Hosting Business

Hosting package TYPO3 Business

  • 10 GB Storage space

  • 25 GB Data volume

  • 25 E-mail accounts

  • 10 Databases

  • 2 de domain free of charge

  • free SSL certificates (https)

  • Mailboxes up to 4 GB

Logo TYPO3 Hosting XL

Hosting package TYPO3 XL

  • 25 GB storage space

  • 40 GB data volume

  • 50 e-mail accounts

  • 15 databases

  • 3 de-domain for free

  • free SSL certificates (https)

  • Mailboxes up to 5 GB

And by the way: Our servers run on green electricity,


are therefore 100% CO2 neutral

and are located in the EU! #yeah